Our Multiple Sclerosis Bootcamp with Neubie® - Part Two

Nov 9, 2021

Last week we introduced you to our recent Multiple Sclerosis bootcamp and some of the powerful feedback our patients shared with us along with the observations of one of our physical therapists who worked with these patients – Dr. Laura Davis. 

This week, we hear from physical therapist, Dr. Mandy Jacques, on the progress her MS patients made during our bootcamp. (Please note that we’ve changed the names of our patients to protect their confidentiality.)

Treating Arm and Leg Weakness

Kim has been in a wheelchair since her diagnosis eight years ago. She did not have much confidence with walking and presents with significant weakness of both of her legs as well as her left arm. 

After working together, Kim was able to open her left hand more independently, felt extremely relaxed and slept very well following a master reset. She was even able to walk with assistance!

Treating a Pronated Foot 

Jenna presents with weakness mostly in her left leg and left hand and has an overly pronated left foot during stance. 

Based on our work together during the bootcamp, Jenna was able to dorsiflex her left foot more and even started supinating it during stepping activities. She felt that her left foot was getting stronger.

Treating Spasticity in Arms & Legs

Abby has also been in a wheelchair for quite some time. She presents with fear of standing/walking, significant pain in both of her legs, weakness of both lower extremities, and spasticity in both legs and her left arm. 

After our bootcamp weekend, Abby was able to straighten her arm independently and started walking with assistance and her hemi walker. She reported she slept the best she had in years due to the master reset and her left foot was warm throughout the night for the first time in years! She reported the footbath really helped the circulation to her foot.

This feedback is testimony to the power of using a neurological approach to treatment for multiple sclerosis with the Neubie® electrical stimulation device. And as evident in the remarks of both patients and providers, it really is a partnership that is connected through technology, commitment, and caring that makes these results possible. We wish to share a big thank you with everyone who participated. 

If you are interested in hosting bootcamps at your practice or are a patient who would be interested in participating, we’d be happy to share with you what we’ve learned and how you can bring the Neubie device to more of your patients this way.

Let’s charge forward to better outcomes together!