Our New Book is Now Available! The NeuFit Method

Aug 25, 2021

Every book, be it fiction or nonfiction, starts with a story. It often lives within the author for years taking shape until the desire and insights to share it with others brings pen to paper or the author’s hands to their keyboard & mouse. 

This week, all of us at NeuFit® are thrilled that our story, as practitioners, engineers, entrepreneurs, and people who care about and seek better health outcomes for others, has come to a point where it is possible to share it with the world. 

Our founder and CEO, Garrett Salpeter, tells the story of the NeuFit Method in the first book on our work and our journey, The NeuFit Method – Unleash the Power of the Nervous System for Faster Healing and Optimal Performance. From the opening pages, readers will appreciate the source of our inspiration – it is truly every patient whom our NeuFit practitioner community has met. In fact, our story is really their story. 

With our book now available to order on Amazon, those who are dealing with any type of physiological challenge, either as a patient or a provider, can discover a rehabilitation and fitness framework for enhancing recovery, boosting performance, and optimizing their health – in ways you might never have thought possible. 

In part one of the book, Garrett profiles the NeuFit Method for rehabilitation related to recovering from an injury or surgery and treating chronic pain and neurological conditions. Then in part two, he covers how the NeuFit Method applies to long-term fitness training and targeting elite athletic performance. In part three, our focus turns to sustaining neurological health – assessing the health of the nervous system and the pursuit of lifelong neurological health.

If you, or your patients, are struggling with recovery from injury or surgery, chronic pain, or neurological conditions that are impacting their health and wellness, The NeuFit Method, provides a window on what is possible. And if you are seeking a sustainable model for fitness training and achieving high performance, you owe it to yourself to learn more about our work. 

We certainly don’t have all the answers and each person’s journey is uniquely their own. But after years of work learning from our patients, our team, and fellow providers, we know that harnessing the power of our nervous system to focus on recovery and fitness can be very powerful as well as truly liberating. 

We hope that after you finish turning the pages (or screens!) of our book, you also feel inspired to find out more information about the NeuFit Method and our amazing Neubie® device. There’s a large and growing community who are benefiting from making NeuFit a core part of their practice and health and wellness regimen. And we are just a click away at www.neu.fit

You may then be starting to write the most important chapter of this story – your own! 

You can order The NeuFit Method on Amazon. We’d love to hear from you after you’ve read it too. 

Let’s charge forward to better outcomes together!