Practice Made Perfect – Transforming Your Practice with the NeuFit® Method

Oct 5, 2021

We admit we get pretty charged when a physical therapy or chiropractic practice integrates the NeuFit® Method and our patented Neubie® device into their practice! And while we recognize that achieving “a perfect practice” is more a journey than a destination, we’ve experienced first-hand how applying a neurological approach to rehabilitation and fitness in our own Austin, Texas practice has helped us to care for our patients better. For years now, we’ve seen it in the outcomes that our patients are achieving every day. Moreover, the feedback we continue to receive from other providers who have adopted the NeuFit Method underlines the transformative results that are indeed attainable. And when our patients thrive, our practices thrive too.

So, what does it mean to bring the NeuFit Method into your practice? 

For Jason Waz, owner and founder of Competitive Edge Physical Therapy in Tampa, Florida, it has been a game changer in pain treatment:

“In more than 20 years in practice as a physical therapist, I can unequivocally state that I have never come across a technique or a device that has a more profound effect on acute or musculoskeletal pain as the Neubie device. This is next generation physical therapy at its finest.”

And for Ft. Myers, Florida-based, Joe and Angie McGilvrey, owners of Apex Physical Therapy and Concepts in Rehab, NeuFit has helped them build their practice:

“NeuFit has really helped us in building our business around athletes. In addition to using the Neubie (device) in our PT practices, we’ve hired a strength and conditioning coach who uses the Neubie (device) on the performance side, so now we’re able to expand our scope to serve patients all the way from the rehabilitation side through to elite sports performance, using NeuFit throughout that whole continuum.”

We can’t describe how hearing this feedback makes us feel. The continuum of care that Joe and Angie speak about is further supported by the NeuFit community that continues to grow based on the increasing number of physical therapy and chiropractic practices that are adopting a neurological application to rehab and fitness

Today, we are proud to support over 250 practices, more than 1,300 practitioners, 6 universities and 13 professional sports teams. And we’re just getting started! 

So, if you see value in utilizing neuromuscular reeducation for rehabilitation, are super passionate about getting the best possible outcomes with your patients, and clients and want to work with a powerful technology that will help you (and your practice) stand out in your community, the next step is easy. Just give us a call to schedule some time to learn more about integrating the NeuFit Method into your practice. If our experience resonates with you, then you’ll be ready to complete the Neubie Certification Course and get access to our online video library, pre-course materials and quizzes. The last step is the best! If you decide to add NeuFit to your practice, you’ll be joining our NeuFit community where you can interact with other NeuFit practitioners from around the world and get access to ongoing support.

Let’s charge forward to better outcomes together!